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W3Cloud is Cincinnati based technology company built by passionate software developers with multitude of innovative ideas.
Our first initiative is to help the restaurants grow with our technology solution FoodALot which takes online food ordering and in-restaurant experience to the next level.
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We are A Technology Company.

W3Cloud LLC is a Delaware State registered Limited Liability Software Company. We are primarily located in Cincinnati OH.

FoodALot is the flagship product of W3Cloud - Built from ground-up with restaurant owners in mind.


At W3Cloud / FoodALot, we live by the highest standard of ethics.


FoodALot is crafted with speed, simplicity, user-friendliness and scalability in mind.

Customer Focus

The restaurant owner’s challenges – the problems that keep them up at night is important for us to address.

Ever Evolving

Constantly micro-pivoting by having co-creation sessions with the restaurant owners by meeting them personally and showcasing in popular trade shows.

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Our Strength

We are skilled Technologists with values.

We are hardworking problem solvers with “out of the box” solution. Few micro pivots have brought clarity to our business and closer to our Vision.

Love, Serve and Care is our motto !

  • 01- Product Development

  • 02- Love. Serve. Care.

  • 03- Design & Creativity

  • 04- Hardwork

  • 05- Resilience

Why our restaurant partners love FoodALot?

FoodALot makes a huge impact right from digitizing the restaurant menu to directing the orders reliably to tablet/printer at the restaurant.

Our strength is the technology that drives FoodALot.

Learn how FoodALot direct orders reliably to Restaurants

Fun Research

Drone Mission

Cloud solution for Drone Mission Planning.

Proximity applications made easy.


Creative way to enhance In-restaurant customers.


Innovative way to make milestones special.

Raspberry Pi Projects

Crazy everyday projects using Raspberry Pi.

Our Team

Subha Karthik

Subha Karthik

Co-Founder & Chief Energy Officer

Put Subha into a room with whiteboard and some markers, she’ll walk out with a clear plan and strategy to effectively reach any goals.

Living by the principle of Mahatma Gandhi “Be the Change you want to see in the World“, Subha loves to spend time with family & friends, listens to podcasts & music, loves gardening, watching movies & learning to play “parai”.

Karthik Sankar

Karthik Sankar

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Developing software since childhood, Karthik is a technology enthusiast and cares about every little things around him. Lives by the principle of “Love, Serve & Care” in all walks of his life.

When he’s not crafting FoodALot, Karthik spends time with family & friends, fly drones, listen to Audible books, play with Raspberry Pi projects and rave about his Mazda CX9.

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Phone: +1-513-452-6879